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Our company is a collection operation vegetables, fruit seeds, seedlings primarily specialized agricultural company, mainly imported products is given priority to. Former Beijing fengshun fuxing seed companies now renamed Beijing Fengshun Beili Seed Co., Ltd.

Our company has founded more than 10 years, thanks to the agricultural sector friends support, is now with domestic and international numerous merchants to establish a good relationship of cooperation. At the same time with the Hong Kong tsai benefit company, Australia Mr Bailey company hand in hand to promote the development of seed industry in mainland China has formulated the strategic target. Beijing Fengshun Beili Seed Co., Ltd. With its high quality, high efficiency, heavy reputation to win the kind of the friend's consistent high praise.

Beijing Fengshun Beili Seed Co., Ltd. In order to ensure the quality of seed, and at the same time in Beijing, guangzhou established test base, our company strictly for each variety. Beijing Fengshun Beili Seed Limited Company, long-term and major scientific research units and vegetables planting base cooperation. Provide good varieties and advanced technology, the use of the motherland southgate, make products going out of our country and exported to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, etc.

Our company has formulated the long-term development goals of facing to the nation and moves towards the world.